Dogs In Stray’s Pack Die Away One By One, The Last One Left Becomes All Alone

As a wild dog living with his feral pack in Highbridge Park, Manhattan, Charlie never had any trouble getting by, writes ilovemydogsomuch

He loved roaming free with his mates while the doting locals always ensured he was well-fed. But after a full decade, a senior Charlie was the last one left of his pack. He was getting sicker by the day as winter set in, but he fiercely rejected the humans who tried to help him.

Finally, a local woman named Denise Lauffer stepped in to rescue Charlie. She made a makeshift cardboard shelter, and began camping in the park to win the dog’s trust. After spending 2 extremely cold nights outside, Denise cried in relief as a freezing Charlie came forward and snuggled up to her!

While Charlie had bonded with Denise, he was still averse to humans. It was a struggle to get him treated at the vet’s. The old boy was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease and his bones were also in bad shape. When the community learned about Charlie’s heavy medical mill, they organized a fundraiser and raised over $19,000 to help him out!

After living in the vast park all his life, it was difficult for Charlie to move in with Denise in her small apartment. It took time, but Charlie eventually embraced his warm and cozy life with his new mom – one that was a welcome blessing in his twilight years!

Click the video below to watch Charlie’s challenging rescue after he spent 10 years as a wild dog.


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