Dog With Only Three Paws Defeats His Situation To Live A Happy Life

This story speaks about a little dog who was found injured in Gambia. The dog, whose one of his front paws was in a really bad situation, was left by his family as they did not know what to do because there was no vet clinic in their area, writes thepetneeds

Fortunately, the puppy’s relatives took him to The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust to be cared for. When Emily, a Vet Nurse, saw the dog she was in a big shock as his paw was almost damaged because of a serious infection.

Emily said that they really thought about euthanizing him as his chances of survival were too small. But they decided to do what they could to help him. They took him to a pop-up clinic where he received the care he needed.

He then started working to save his life. So, Emily, who was confident in the dog’s ability to live, took care of him 24/7 in hopes that he would show a great sign.

Thankfully, the dog who was named Hiccup, overcame his difficult stage and found himself a member of a group of rescued dogs in Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust community. The best thing was that he became a therapy dog with only 3 paws!

He and Emily have helped many patients at their clinics. He also has new doggie friend, Orange and Simba who were treated by him. How awesome!

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