Dog With Cracked Skin Picks A Spot To Die While Waiting For Her Angels

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When a stray dog is then suffering from severe health issues, their day-to-day life is filled with pain and loneliness. They withdraw even more, and finding their way back is even harder.

A dog living with mange so advanced that her skin turned to stone, slept in front of a building. She looked like the stone on the building’s façade. Maybe, because of her challenges, she picked this spot because she wanted to disappear. How heartbreaking is that?!

When mange becomes this advanced, it’s called ‘crusting’– veterinarians say it’s incredibly painful. And here this dog lay, alone, and with no medical treatment. She lost all of her fur and had no protection from the elements.

The animal-loving heroes from Animal Aid Unlimited were about to change that. They named the scared dog Shylo and brought her back to the rescue center. They were careful with her because of her delicate skin. She was also very skittish.

Her treatment began immediately. They rubbed salve on her body several times a day. She also started on a diet that is rich in nutrients, something her body was sorely lacking.

Shylo cried through her baths at first. She’s frightened because she doesn’t understand what is going on, but her caregiver talked to her and tried to calm her down.

Her new friends also worked on winning her trust. They knew to take it slow. As the video says, “she has never known a gentle touch.” It’s a process, but no one was going to give up on her. Not ever!

It takes time to heal her body and her soul, but it is all worth it. Look at Shylo now! Her rescue and transformation are so inspiring. Check out the entire story in the video below!


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