Dog Walks A Long Way To Find Woman Who Gave Him Food

Have you heard that the most direct route to a man’s heart is through his stomach? It appears to be true not only for humans but also for dogs. And Ted, the dog in this story, is a great example, writes godinspiration.

Ted has been residing in the SPCA shelter in the Northwest Territories, Canada, since earlier this year. Ted is no exception to the rule that shelter animals are afraid of new environments. Until he met a volunteer who fed him, he was befuddled and terrified of the personnel. Everything began to shift.

When Ted met Abbey, the volunteer, he had been in the shelter for two days. Abbey was in charge of taking Ted for a stroll on that particular day. Nonetheless, the little dog was afraid and refused to accompany the human. He decided to stay in his kennel.

She tried to win the dog’s heart by feeding him cheese-flavored bacon trip.

Abbey instructed the workman to expand Ted’s kennel, recognizing that Ted could require extra space. She then went about her business. She had no further contact with him after that, except for the brief minute when she was feeding the puppy.

She went to work at the airport the next morning and returned home at 6 a.m. A dog was sitting on her deck, barking at her, much to her astonishment. She approached her house with caution, and the dog trailed her. She brought the dog closer after determining that he was not dangerous, and noticed a nick on his nose. Ted was the first person she recognized.

When Abbey contacted the shelter, they confirmed that Ted was not in his kennel. Ted made his way out of the shelter and into Abbey’s yard during the time Abbey was gone from the shelter.

Ted had an incredible journey. He walked from the shelter, which was in an industrial region on the outskirts of town, to Abbey’s house, passing by the airport. The unique aspect was that Ted had never been to the house before, so finding it was a miracle.

Abbey made the decision to accept Ted into her loving family. Because her current residence did not permit pets, she had to relocate so that the two of them could live peacefully together.

They’ve formed a close bond with one another.


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