Dog waited on the front porch for weeks after his family moved away

Cupid sat quietly and watched sadly as the people he loved left. His family was getting ready to leave, they packed the house, equipped the car with the necessary things and finally left, writes animaland

He was a bit lost because he was left alone.

He believed that these people he loved would come again and that they would all be together again. We hope so and he thought it was possible if he waited as long as necessary.

This unfortunate dog was noticed by his neighbor who immediately informed Janine Guido that this little creature was sleeping alone outside.

Janine is the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue.

She told The Dodo that she knew only one thing, and that was that his family had gone to live somewhere else. Whoever she asked about this family, the answer would be the same, they don’t live there anymore.

When Janine tried to approach Cupid, he was then looking for food in a container. He soon noticed her so he went back to his place because he was obviously a little scared.

She watched him as he tried his best to enter the house, scratching the door and jumping in front. He looked like he was begging someone inside to open the door for him.

He was heartbroken, that’s for sure, but Janine wanted to help him.

However she tried to give him some food, he did not want to approach. He was scared. And then, after half an hour of trying, Janine simply told him that everything would be fine. Although it doesn’t sound convincing, she says he understood everything and then approached her and sat down next to her.

While driving home, she continued to talk to him. He believes he understood everything.

Although it was still not clear to him, it was obvious that he was much happier. He was really cute.

Cupid was at the vet who did all the tests and is now ready to find his new family and new home.

Janine believes it will be very simple because he is one adorable creature.


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