Dog Sees His Owner’s Head Disappear Under Water, Senses Something’s Not Right

We can hardly think of any creature who is more loyal to humans than dogs. Dogs are an extremely devoted species and they wouldn’t think twice before taking a bullet for their loved ones, writes ilovemydogsomuch

In this video, we see the faithful spirit of a dog as he remains determined to save his owner’s life!

A family took their dog to have an adventurous playtime by the riverside. After a while, Dad playfully decided to pretend to drown to check if his dog responded to him in distress. The dog watches calmly as Dad swims toward the middle of the river. But soon, he notices Dad’s head disappearing beneath the murky water.

The dog immediately senses something is horribly wrong and panics. Without wasting another second, the brave pooch dives into the river and locates Dad. As he isn’t strong enough to drag Dad’s body on his own, he meticulously supports Dad from the back and pushes him to the shore! What a good boy!

While Dad wasn’t drowning for real, this dog’s courageous gesture proves that dogs will do anything to protect their humans. We are indeed a lucky species to experience the many joys that come with having a dog as a companion!


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