Dog saves woman from getting robbed

It was a road pet dog to the rescue! A female was saved from getting robbed by a pocket picker by a pet that just occurred to witness the entire thing.

In the short clip (see clip below), a male in a yellow hoodie is strolling behind a lady filled down with grocery bags. She is delicately strolling with her handbag slung over her left arm.

She is totally uninformed she is being followed, however the pet dog being in the street observes both walking by.

Instantly the punk strolls together with the female as well as grabs at her bag, pulling her to the ground. However he wasn’t trusting the pet involving her rescue!

The dog who was resting so steadly secs prior to springs into activity as well as attacks the man, lunging at his rear end and also heels.

Realizing he’s obtained greater than he can take care of, the thief dashes away being chased by the canine, that continues to nip at his legs.

The footage seems a cell phone recording of security video, however it’s unclear where it was recorded or if the pet is a roaming, or comes from someone in the neighborhood. But one point for sure, this heroic pet dog is “taking a bite out of criminal activity”.

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