Dog Resigns To Her Fate And Quietly Passes Away After Her Family Stopped Caring

Theodora the 8-year-old dog looked like a skeleton when she was surrendered by her family to a shelter, writes ilovemydogsomuch


Her shameless family simply stated that they had her since she was a puppy, and that “she had not eaten for a few days”. They left the shelter hastily without divulging much information about the dog’s health or illnesses.

Theodora was quickly transferred to the “Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform” for specialized care. The rescue discovered tell-tale signs of prolonged neglect and abuse hurled on poor Theodora. While her extreme emaciation could be attributed to a form of diabetes, it was evident that her family had turned a blind eye to her suffering all this time.

Theodora was also kept outside in the cold rain for the past few days, which further deteriorated her condition. She had a golf-ball sized tumor on her shoulder and ruptured puncture wounds on her filth-ridden body from not being able to fight back during animal attacks. Another horrifying fact was her alarmingly low sodium levels, which indicated that she was dehydrated for several weeks.

Theodora had zero muscle mass and could barely stand despite receiving emergency medical attention. The broken girl was reeling in betrayal, and would simply shrivel up in a corner with the saddest eyes as she shunned food and turned her face away from humans. She had given up on life as her frail body couldn’t fight the seizures anymore. The defeated pooch passed away in a semi-coma state and freed herself from the shackles of pain permanently.

Theodora’s traumatized caretakers are deeply disturbed from watching her tragically wither away in front of their eyes. They have reached out to the local authorities in a desperate attempt to seek justice for her. It is frustrating to think that Theodora’s bleak earthly existence was marred by abuse and apathy. Let’s spread the word and help the authorities identify and locate the owners who tortured this innocent soul.


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