Dog Passed Away After Sitting By The Window For 11 Years Waiting For His Owner To Come Home

This story speaks about a loyal dog called Toby, who had been waiting for his owner, Roman, every day by the window to come back home from work, writes thepetneeds

Roman, whose dog died after 11 years of being together, shared his story online in hopes to reduce his grief! Roman from Chicago said that Toby was very friendly and sweet, even when anyone tried to be tough with him, he used to be very cute to them.


The owner also added that his loyal dog used to wait him by the window when he went to work, where he spent 8-10 hours. Toby also knew the exact time when Roman was home as he waited him by the door.

Unfortunately, Toby, who already had cardiomyopathy, torn ligament, and 3 serious surgeries, had stage four kidney failure, and cancer in Oct, 2018! The vet told him that he was not going to live so long, but he was able to make it till February 2019!

Roman said that he had to make the hardest decision in his life by taking Toby to the veterinarian to put him down as he was in real pain! How Heartbroken!

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