Dog Missing Part Of His Brain Rescued From Being Euthanized And Now Lives Happy Life

It is something natural for disabled dogs to have a rough time as they need to be cared for 24/7. Unfortunately, these dogs are frequently at risk of being abandoned or euthanized by their owners as they do not want to take care of them anymore because of the responsibility, writes thepetneeds

However, these dogs should be given a second chance in life as they really deserve it. This story speaks about one disabled dog, who was given a second chance in life by Jennifer Osborne, a kind woman. The woman saw Moose, the disabled dog in a pet store and decided to help him.

The dog, whose look was very distinctive with a big underbite and fixed smile, had a medical deformity since he was born: some parts of his brain were missing. Probably, when Moose was still in the room, he had eye issues, deformed brain, deformed skull, and crooked nose, as his nose was pushed into his skull.

Jennifer directly fell in love with Moose from the first sight and decided to adopt him to give another chance he deserved. Thankfully, Jennifer decided to do whatever it takes to make Moose happy and healthy.

She said that she knew the challenges she will face but the most important thing in her life is to make Moose very happy. What a great woman!

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