Dog Insists On Stopping By His Best Friend’s House On Every Walk

Many dogs are incredibly friendly and enthusiastic during their walk. They love saying “hi” and hugging every human and doggy friend he meets on his walk. And this can make their day, adding more happy vibes to it, writes pawsplanet,

Cairo, an adorable, happy Samoyed in this story really knows how to best enjoy his walk. He insists on stopping by the house of his best friend, Domino to say “hi”. He never misses his opportunity to do this.

“He’s very friendly and talkative,” Brodny Wilson, Cairo’s dad, told The Dodo. “He has quite a few friends in our neighborhood and knows the homes of all of his paw pals.”

When Cairo passes by his best friend’s home, he will howl or bark to call him to the window to see him for a while.

The best buds keep exchanging a few barks until Cairo is ready to finish his walk. He really enjoys the time of hanging out with his best friend.

If Domino isn’t at home, his owner will have to tell him that Domino must be asleep. Otherwise, the playful dog will wait for his friend until he comes back.

Cairo also has other friends named Loki, Bruno, Flower, and Royal. The happy dog also makes stops at their home. He knows exactly where their house is and never skips one on his walking routine.

To him, a walk will be incomplete without coming to his friends. What an adorable persistent dog!

That’s not all. If there are no friends to bark at, Cairo will howl when he hears ice cream trucks, ambulances, police sirens, or fire trucks. He has an endless source of energy and just wants to use it to cheer everyone up.


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