Dog Gets Old & Develops A Tumor, So Family Betrays Him In The Most Cruel Manner

Bandit the dog ended up in a pound with a large tumor growing on his leg. His family claimed that the dog was “too old and sick”, and they didn’t want to spend money on his treatment, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They instructed the warden to euthanize Bandit and never even said a proper goodbye to their loyal dog.

Poor Bandit broke down and cried like a baby when he realized about this betrayal. His caretakers saw that he had so much love to give, so they requested a rescue called “Howl Of A Dog” to check on him. The rescue took the dog in and set him up for medical tests. It was found that the tumor was treatable after all!

Bandit received surgery to get rid of the tumor. He also had a festering wound on his neck that required special attention. With all the medical intervention, Bandit recovered in no time! The rescue workers gradually began working toward fixing the dog’s broken heart.


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