Dog Gets A Second Chance At Life After Being Hit By A Train

Deepak is a dog who was in a horrific accident. He had gotten struck by a train and was left in a very bad way, writees xaga

There seemed to be only two options: put him to sleep or leave him to live out his final days in agony. However, the India-based rescue, Animal Aid Unlimited, thought differently.

They were determined to see Deepak through the worst of it so that he could finally have a shot at happiness.

After rescuing the injured dog, the organization took him back to their clinic where a veterinarian examined him. The prognosis wasn’t the best. Three of Deepak’s legs had been crushed and were in need of amputation.

Living as a triple amputee would be a very difficult road, but the vet was confident that Deepak might be able to overcome the challenge. With that in mind, the rescue was even more determined than ever to help Deepak get back to his full potential.

The vet then performed the emergency surgery. It was an operation that took 5 hours, including the prep and recovery time. But he survived the surgical procedure. While it was difficult, the real struggle was just beginning.

Deepak still needed to recover and readjust to life with a disability. It took a long six months of intense recovery and work to help Deepak through. Both the medical team and rescue volunteers worked tirelessly to make sure that Deepak made it through his rehabilitation. Besides lots of medical care, Deepak also got loads of love.

Slowly but surely, all their efforts were paying off. Part of Deepak’s therapy was doing hydrotherapy inside a pool. Little by little he managed to recover his strength and was able to resume doing things he enjoyed like playing with a ball.

Because of Deepak’s extensive injuries, it was thought best that his forever home be the Animal Aid sanctuary where he’ll always have help on hand. But as a resident of the sanctuary, Deepak has also made a ton of other canine friends who also have varying disabilities of their own.

Life might not be perfect, but at least Deepak has a shot at happily ever after!

Watch the video below:

Warning – The following video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers.


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