Dog Feels The Baby Is Getting Cold, So He Grab’s The Blanket And Gets To Work

Families often worry about their dog’s ability to acclimate upon the arrival of a new baby. But in most cases, dogs develop a natural affinity toward the little ones! In this video, we see a worried little Chihuahua’s earnest efforts to tuck in his dainty human, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Ever since the Chihuahua recognized the baby as a new member of the pack, he has been over-zealous in his attempts to keep the baby safe and protected. So every time he senses a drop in the room temperature, he is the first one to ensure that the baby is warm and cozy.

In this clip, we see the Chihuahua anxiously hovering around the sleeping baby after finding him without cover. He immediately pulls the blanket from under the baby and proceeds to cloak him from all sides. He is meticulous as he cautiously twists the blanket to bundle up his wee human to perfection! Aww!

When it comes to the baby, this Chihuahua literally turns into a fussy caretaker who won’t tolerate anything going amiss with the child’s well-being. What a doting and caring big brother! This empathetic bond springs from a place of sacred unconditional love and it is one of the purest things we have in today’s chaotic world!

Click the video below to watch the gentle Chihuahua endearingly tucking in his little human sibling!


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