Dog Escapes His Abusive Owner And Ends Up Waiting On A Stranger’s Doorstep

Baxter the dog goes through what many unloved dogs go through. Chained outside, and subjected to neglect and abuse, Baxter is not in a home filled with love. In this touching advertisement from Blue Cross animal charity, Baxter breaks free from his chains and runs away in search of a better life, writes reshareworthy

As Baxter makes his way through the night, he sings Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive”. The lyrics of the song take on a whole new meaning as sung by Baxter. And as he journeys through the night looking for a family deserving of his love, he meets many friends that help him on his way.

This video is beautifully made; it’s got drama, a heartbreaking beginning and a happy ending and Baxter is played by a real-life rescued dog!

Share this moving story with your friends and help spread the positive message to adopt a homeless animal like Baxter. They have so much love to give!


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