Dog Dying On Streets Gets Life Saving Transformation In Just 6 Weeks

One of the most heartbreaking statistics is that of homeless animals who have no one to care for them. Sadly, there are anywhere between 20 million and 60 million abandoned dogs and cats living on the planet, according to the World Health Organization, writes ilovemydogsomuch

In a perfect world, every pet in need would have a loving forever home. The folks at Animal Aid Unlimited India are making strides every day in their efforts to help sick, abused animals roaming the streets.

When rescuers came upon an emaciated dog affected with a severe case of mange, they knew they had a long journey ahead. His mange was so bad, he barely resembled a dog at all.

As the cameras rolled, the dog is taken into care with what is believed to be his first loving touch in a very long time.

The journey to getting well began with food and medicated baths. At first, this poor pooch was afraid, so the team was gentle and caring throughout the bathing.

He would barely allow the workers to touch him, but with time he started to trust. After the first two baths, the difference in his coat was barely noticeable.

However, after six weeks, the most spectacular transformation occurred. The once emaciated pup blossomed into a handsome dog with the most wonderful personality.

He is almost unrecognizable in the before and after footage, as you will see in this touching video below. We are so grateful for all those who help homeless animals!


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