Dog Desperately Fled & They Drove Faster To Run Him Off The Road

A small black dog was spotted running through a neighborhood, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Concerned for his well-being, a kind woman called a local rescue group and asked them to help. They agreed and drove straight over. At first, they couldn’t find the dog and called the woman back. She then instructed them to head further down the road.

As if it was fate, the black dog was running right down the middle of the street! And boy, was he fast! The rescuers continued to follow him, hoping he’d grow tired and slow down soon. The chase went on for a while but finally, the rescuers were able to pull off to the side of the road. The dog was scared but he seemed pretty friendly.

One of the rescuers bent down and gave him some pets. He was a good boy! The man picked him up and gave him a hug as if to say: “It’s okay, boy. You’re safe now.” The sweet dog was then put into the rescuer’s vehicle. He sat in the crate with perfect posture. It was as if this dog had been well-trained. Hmmm.

They headed back to the rescue center and the dog was given a good meal and some water. He was happy to eat! Next, it was time for a bath. After the good boy is bathed and dry, the rescuers scan him for a microchip. This is when they learn he is chipped and his name is Marli. He is 6 years old.

Now let’s hope Marli’s family is able to be reached and they want their dog back. You cannot imagine how many dogs that are microchipped go missing and their families don’t even want them back. It’s heartbreaking for sure. The rescuers call Marli’s owners, with their fingers crossed tightly. In this area, there are far too many unwanted animals and their shelter is filled with dogs still waiting for homes. They didn’t want that for Marli too.

After the phone call, the rescuers know what to do next! We don’t want to spoil the rest of the story. It’s too good to miss! Marli will never be on his own again, regardless of the outcome. Scroll on down to see what happens next!


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