Dog Cries For Help From A Flooded Sewer After Owner Throws Her Down A Manhole

Goldie is a Labrador who was unceremoniously abandoned by her irresponsible human, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Her heartless owner wanted to get rid of her so badly that they shoved her down a manhole in Bali. Soon after, it began raining incessantly. The sewer in which Goldie was trapped was quickly getting flooded.

For a whole month, Goldie ate scraps, rocks and plastic to tame her hunger. The poor girl kept praying for someone to find her, but no one heard her cries. Finally, a man named Dwipa founded the distressed dog. He climbed down the drain and rescued Goldie with the help of his friend.

Goldie’s weight was a little shy of 20 lbs when she was brought out. All her bones were protruding and her brain was thoroughly confused due to the lack of nutrition. She was taken in by Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Center, but her rescuers didn’t think she would survive.

Luckily, Goldie began showing signs of life when she was hooked up to fluids for her treatment. Her next stage of recovery was with 45-year-old Sandy Button. The Australian-origin foster mom gave Goldie 5 small meals a day for several months. Soon, Goldie regained her health and started enjoying play-dates with her doggie siblings!

We see Goldie all healed after her complete recovery over a year. She is no longer skin and bones and has blossomed into a playful and fun-loving pooch. Sandy still takes special care of her diet, and she believes that proper nurturing will help Goldie live a long and healthy life. We thank everyone who helped Goldie get her second chance at life!


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