Dog Chained Out And Left To Blister Under The Sun With No Food Or Water

After a huge explosion, the city of Beirut was left devastated. Many had to evacuate the area, and unfortunately, animals and pets were left behind in the aftermath. A PETA U.K. fieldworker would come across one such dog who was chained out in the blistering sun without food and water, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Arrow’s only shelter was the hole he’d dug under a metal container. He required lots of attention and care and was taken in to the emergency hospital to receive the treatment he so desperately needed.

After being checked out and getting neutered, Arrow had to find that safe place in life. And it wasn’t long until the perfect family decided to adopt him! Now with three dog sisters and a yard to play in, he’ll never have to worry about being left behind again.


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