Digital Doorbell Alerts Man To Make Him Aware He Had The Most Absurd Visitor

We all know how important good home security is, but having your day interrupted with a “movement detected” warning can be a little scary. Luckily for this resident, it was just a humorous false alarm, writes ilovemydogsomuch

A man from Mansfield, Texas, was out of his home running some errands when he received a notification on his phone. The notification was from a camera security app that allowed him to see his front door via a live video feed. When the homeowner checked the notification, he was rather amazed to see that the person who knocked on his door was no person at all.

The cow had broken loose from a nearby farm and decided to take a stroll into a neighbourhood in search of new friends. Without hesitation, the friendly cow stepped up to the porch and politely knocked on the door.

She peeked through the window to see if anybody was coming to answer the door and eventually even tried the door handle (to no avail).

The whole door was carefully examined and the neighbourly cow quickly realized no one was home, and decided to find friends elsewhere. She turned around and pondered on the porch as she scouted the area.

Usually cows are extremely cautious about unfamiliar surroundings, but not for this friendly animal.

Her little adventure made people from all over the world smile (and I’m sure her buddies back at the farm enjoyed her story, too). It’s not everyday a cow gets to visit a well-manicured cul-de-sac!


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