Despite Starving Her And Tying Her To Pole, She Faithfully Waited For Him To Return

Rescuer Viktor Larkhill, known for his incredible kindness towards animals, drove from the hospital after he was discharged for his own health issues, put aside his own needs when he saw a dog all alone tied to a pole with some old wire, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The dog just stood there, skin and bones, and totally unaware of what she did to deserve this. Why would someone mistreat her so badly and then leave her like this? She had no food or water and no way of fending for herself. She was trapped and helpless.

As soon as she saw Viktor’s car pull over, her tail began to wag. It was obvious that this was a sweet dog that didn’t harbor any ill will towards humans.

As the video plays, the song in the background beautifully says, “I’ve been waiting here for you, all alone.” Which couldn’t be more fitting! She was waiting for Viktor. It was fate!

If she was waiting for her human to come back, well, that’s even more heartbreaking. Because we do know that dogs, despite so much, will remain loyal.

Viktor freed the dog and brought her back to the rescue center where the medical team went right to work. First, a good meal! The poor baby was so hungry and so thirsty.

Next, the dog was taken to a foster home where she got a much-needed shower. She looks scared but we promise, it’s for her health. While standing in the shower, the poor pup was still so afraid. What had happened to her? Was she ever treated kindly?

Her sweet face and sad eyes certainly had a story to tell.

It’s like a story we would hate to read but now we can say, with absolute confidence, that her story will have chapter upon chapter filled with happiness.

Watch the amazing rescue video below and don’t forget to ADOPT, and not shop! There are so many deserving dogs waiting for their happy ending too!


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