Despised For Having ‘Ugly Disease’, A Kind Hand Reaches Out To Touch Her Soul

Many pets, especially those neglected and abused, cannot afford to receive introductory medical care, writes zenoonee

Yuki, a six-year-old Mexican dog, was left to wander the streets after her monstrous owners denied her access to medical care. She had a horrible case of sarcoptic mange. Her skin looked like potato chips.

Yuki was taken to the critical care center by a deliverance group. The vet was stunned when he saw her skin. It was the worst he had ever seen!

She was underweight as well, weighing just 44 pounds. A healthy dog her size should weigh no less than 60 pounds! Yuki also tested positive for Ehrlichiosis, which is a devastating disease.

The vet had to remove layers of dead skin. By the time he’d removed the‘potato chip’ subcaste, Yuki looked like a burn victim. Thankfully she didn’t have to suffer! She entered pain drug and antibiotics. She also was fed a high-calorie diet. She began to put on weight and was really happy to be around similar caring humans.

After the vet cleared her medically for a foster home, Yuki was so happy to be in a family and not be manhandled. She laid on the lounge every day and ate twice as much as she used to. Yuki cherished those things that many would take for granted.

Her foster home in Mexico is located in Mexico, and her foster home in California is located in California. She enjoys traveling by auto lift.

It may still take a little while for Yuki to find her forever home, but she is doing well and is so well-behaved. Every dog deserves a loving home!


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