Depressed 81-Year-Old Woman’s Daughter Gives Her Dog Away After Mom Falls

Linda Summers misses her dog, Lacey Day, more than words can express, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The 81-year-old spunky woman suffered a series of falls. As a result, her daughter felt she could no longer care for the dog and gave her away. Linda’s heart was broken, but she says she understood the logic of her daughter’s decision. Her love for dogs, however, has never diminished.

Sitting alone in her Dallas, Texas apartment, Linda gets depressed and watches as the people walk by with their dogs. She decided to go online and see if anyone in her neighborhood happened to know Lacey Day so she could get together with her new owner.

“I said, you know, I’m gonna see if I can find that lady by putting it on Nextdoor,” Linda shared.

She went on the app called Nextdoor and asked if anyone would allow her to pet their dog. Before long, she had several hundred replies from people who were willing to bring their pups by for some belly rubs, attention, and love from Linda. One of the first visitors was a Shih Tzu named Hank, followed by a look-alike of her Lacey Day, named Mocha. These days, Linda is a dog sitter from time to time for local neighbors.

“I just started looking and started getting these dings,” Summers stated of the social media responses. “There was one, and then there was another, and there was another. I can’t keep up with them now.”


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