Cruel Man Threw Dog Out Of Car, Then Dog Chased After Him Until His Legs Gave Out

Being late is a terrible feeling, especially if it’s to work. Whether you woke up late or you’re stuck in traffic, the whole way there you can’t help but think of what the repurcussions will be, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Dion Cole was running late for work, and not only did it change his life, but it changed one dog’s life. As he was driving, he witnessed a truck pull over, toss a dog out of it, and drive off without him. He was shocked at what he just saw and told his wife about it.

His wife, Danielle, wrote about the incident in a Facebook post that quickly went viral. She described their experience in trying to help the dog, and wrote a heartbreaking note to the monster who did this to him.

In the post, she explained how the man threw his dog out in the Allegan forest in Michigan at about 3:30pm. The dog chased after him and ran as fast as he could until his legs gave out, causing him to collapse on the side of the road. Cole stopped to help the pup, but he was so terrified that he ran off into the woods.

Later that night, the couple went back to the woods to look for the dog, who was right where his former owner left him, waiting for him to come back. But then he ran off in fear yet again. The next morning, they brought some treats with them, along with their own dog, to try and lure the scared pup closer to them. When someone else stopped to help, the dog ran back into the woods for a third time.

Danielle left a bowl of food where he’d been hanging around. She figured it was the least she could do to help this poor lost dog. When she came back to check on him, a group of people were trying to coax him out of the woods. Luckily, after working together, they were finally able to catch him.

The Coles have taken in the dog until they find him a forever home. They said despite what he’s been through, he is extremely sweet and loving and gets along great with their son and dogs. Read her full Facebook post below:


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