Cow Sheds Tears As Owners Planned To Send Her To Slaughterhouse After Exploiting Her

Dairy cows are born into a tough life, writes ilovemydogsomuch

First, their newborn calves are snatched away from them so that their milk can be exclusively harvested for dairy products. As if that isn’t cruel enough, the cows are disposed off to the slaughterhouse the moment they stop producing milk.

The cow in this video is Emma, who comes to the rude realization that her owners don’t want her anymore. She is set to be transported to the slaughterhouse, and Emma knows that it is the terrible place where no cow comes back from. Emma feels so wronged and helpless that she starts crying at her sad fate.

As huge tears roll down Emma’s face, the rescuers of Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg Sanctuary pity her and save her from being slaughtered. In this video, we see the moment when Emma is set free in the sanctuary’s luscious green field. At first she is hesitant, but soon the other cows comfort her and she realizes that she is safe!

Emma can now happily live out the rest of her days with her new friends. This video shows us the unfair reality that cows live in. They are living, breathing creatures with feelings, but are always exploited for human comforts. We hope more kind souls like Emma get another chance at life.

Click the video below to watch how Emma’s tears stopped the moment she realized she was being rescued!


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