Couple Sees Photo Of A “Zombie” Dog On The Street And Rushes To Save Her Despite Criticism !

When Una Geiger and her husband rescued Samara, they knew she was really on the verge of death. they are wonderful rescuers from Chisinau in Moldova in Eastern Europe and fortunately, they have a wealth of experience in handling abused and abandoned dogs, writes zenoonee

And that is that the life of this poor puppy was on its way to the nearest and worst temptation. Filled with rejection, suffering, hunger and all those who are dangerous outdoors, in inhospitable temperatures, without a roof and love.

“When my husband saw the image of that ‘zombie’ puppy, he wasn’t only shocked, but it rocked his world”, Una said.

With scabies and completely traumatized, another victim on the street would sign.

But when absolutely no one did anything to save her because her appearance was repulsive, Una and her husband decided to bet everything to give her one last chance. In fact, that they had to face criticism from many who did not understand how they could welcome such a dog in their home.

“She was affected by severe mange and looked more sort of a zombie puppy than a traditional puppy. Also, thanks to the abuse on the streets, she was panicky and aggressive”, Una said.

At that time, Una had three dogs in her house.

This was decisive for Samara to initially feel the support of the pack, but she would definitely have an extended thanks to go.

“Dealing with us humans was a completely different matter. in order that we could walk, move, and even raise our voices just to call the dogs, he panicked and crouched during a corner”.

She was in a very critical situation, both due to her intensive health condition and due to deep and difficult to cure traumas.

In order that they decided first to cure her with medicinal baths, antibiotics, and by patiently treating her wounds a day that they sutured within the worst way.

So it was with time, fortunately there was no torn skin, scabies is a thing of the past. But there was still the most important painful thing, her mental problems.

The wise couple decided to offer him all the time within the world to ascertain together with his own eyes that after calling a dog, waving his hand, laughing or raising his voice to mention anything, an act of abuse didn’t necessarily come against his poor body.

“Despite all that, we knew he would never become a typical dog. Her problems with humans are too big. She remains very shy, doesn’t wish to be touched, and walking on a leash is impossible. But he walks beside our dogs and responds even better to commands than our trained dogs”, Una said a couple of weeks after her rescue.

There are visible scars on Samara’s face that are reminiscent of her past.

But her soul heals and takes minimal steps that represent the glory of its dedicated owners.

Two years after the rescue, the progress has been huge, he now has a big smile on his face. And at the least expected moment, a miracle happened that left Una in tears.

Samara let him stroke her for the primary time. i used to be ready to touch her little head and chin, and she or he seemed happy that i might continue with this. And who knows, maybe at some point she’ll cuddle up with my husband or with me on the couch. concluded the lady .Her amazing transformation shows the ability of affection and compassion rework an animal with a broken heart and body.

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