Couple Forces Seven Emaciated Dogs To Live Outside In 30 Below Windchills

At first glance, 66-yar-old Catherine E. Severin, 66 and 54-year-old William R. Hannahs look like ordinary upstanding citizens. What police found in the couple’s Wausau, Wisconsin’s back yard is far from anything ordinary, writes ilovemydogsomuch

In response to a call about dogs in distress outside with wind chills below 30 degrees, police arrived at the couple’s property. Deputies discovered six chained-up dogs outside with small blue barrels as their only form of shelter. None of the dogs had water and one of the animals knocked his barrel outside the range of his 8-foot chain. That dog had zero protection from the elements.

A seventh dog was discovered inside one of the barrels but he was emaciated and deceased. It is unknown whether the animal froze to death or starved to death.

Severin told police she gave the animals food in water so it would not freeze outside. Five of the dogs were incredibly thin, so they were taken to the Humane Society. Two animals had frostbite at the tips of their ears.

According to Severin, Hannahs is the homeowner but travels for work.

Prosecutors charged the couple with “being a party to the crimes of mistreating an animal resulting in death, failing to provide food for an animal and failing to provide proper shelter for an animal.”

We are glad to learn the dogs were removed from their care.


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