Corgi Puppy Meets Mini Pumpkin And His “Attack” Is Heart Gushing

Few things in this world are as cute as a puppy. But puppies are also tiny little bundles of unpredictable destructiveness. Just ask any new puppy owner about the spots on their carpet, the shoe that was chewed up in the thirty seconds that they turned their back, or the many phone chargers that never survive those first few puppy months, writes moneysavingbasics.

I imagine that raising a human baby is quite a bit harder, but in many ways, puppies are much the same. A very young puppy does little more than eating, crying, sleeping, and go to the bathroom. But, they get around on their own, grow quicker, and have an amazing knack for getting into trouble.

Even though raising a puppy comes with a certain amount of difficulty, frustration, and sleepless nights, it also comes with the rewards of unconditional love. And, there’s just nothing better than puppy fluff and that unmistakable puppy smell. I’ll always be willing to sacrifice a few area rugs, pairs of shoes, and phone chargers for all the rewards of seeing my new best friend growing up.

While we can agree that pretty much all puppies are cute, some puppies are simply cuter than others. In my opinion, at the top of “The Unofficial Cutest Puppy List” is the corgi puppy. Adult corgis, with their funny shape, infectious smiles, and sense of humor are pretty cute, but corgi puppies are undeniably adorable. They resemble tiny, fluffy little bears! Every time I see a corgi puppy, I can’t help but snuggle it.

The corgi puppy in this video is no exception to the cutest puppy rule. He also does the cutest thing when his owners give him a miniature pumpkin to play with. Tiny puppy + tiny pumpkin = cutest video ever!

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