Cops Rescue ‘Unwanted’ Pit Bull And Give Him A Home And A Job

What is your reaction when you see a pit bull? Do you run in fear? Do you cross over to the other side of the road to get away, writes theirfo

Well, you are not alone – but you are wrong about the breed! Pit bulls are not aggressive unless they are trained to be – just like all other dogs.

Apollo, a pit bull, was consistently overlooked at the shelter.People just assumed he was a dangerous dog.

Thankfully, Apollo was adopted and now even has a job! The shelter reached out to a police K9 dog trainer who agreed to take a look at Apollo.Turns out that Apollo was an ideal candidate for becoming a police dog because he had an eager-to-please personality!

For the next year, Apollo was again passed over by K9 handlers.It would seem as finding his place in this world wasn’t going to be an easy task for the handsome dog. It was his breed again that was betraying him. In November of last year, Apollo finished his training as a narcotics dog – first in his class, by the way!

The next time you see a pit bull, don’t freak out. Most pit bulls are no different than other dogs. If the person on the end of the leash is a nice person, the pit bull is likely to be a big sweetheart!


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