Cloudy-Eyed Dog Battled To See Unfair World, Dug A Dirt Hole & Resigned To Die

Homeless animals have enough challenges, even when they’re healthy, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They are on their own and need to find food, water, and adequate shelter. But when they are in poor health, finding the basics is even more difficult. For one dog whose eyes were so cloudy he couldn’t see, no one could believe he had survived this long.

By the time someone finally came upon the dog, he was thin and dehydrated. His eyes were so cloudy and white that it was obvious he couldn’t see much in front of him. How he had survived this long was a total mystery… and a total miracle!

The Good Samaritan reached out her hand and told the dog he was safe now. But even with her kind words and reassurance, it was obvious that the dog had given up. He curled up into a ball in the dirt as if he didn’t deserve to be rescued. It was soul-crushing, to say the least. But the woman wasn’t going to give up on him… no matter what!

The rescuer tried to coax the dog out of the dirt cave he dug for himself to keep him cool and safe. But he didn’t want to go anywhere. He was scared and couldn’t see anything in front of him. The woman decided she’d have to grab him in order to save his life. No rescuer wants to scare a dog or traumatize them further but sometimes there is no other choice.

Finally, the dog is pulled out from the dirt and put into a crate. The rescuer takes him right to the vet clinic nearby. She names the dog Mali. The veterinarian determined that his cataracts were severe and that is why he couldn’t see and his eyes were so white. The only way he could regain his sight was with surgery.

The woman decided to raise money and with enough donations, the dog was able to undergo treatment. The surgery was life-changing! Mali is still recovering at the vet clinic but his prognosis is excellent! His rescuer has volunteered to foster him once the vet clears him to go home.

Mali will have a good life now thanks to the kindness of compassionate animal lovers, just like you! We are beyond thrilled by this happy ending. To see Mali’s amazing rescue and transformation, check it out below. Thank you so much to the woman who saved him and Mali’s excellent medical team.


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