Cats Doing Cat Stuff…For Adoption!

Cats Doing Cat Stuff…For Adoption!
Every single adorable cat you see in this video is available for adoption at – Right Now! After years of seeing all of these sad pet adoption videos, I joined forces with the great people at North Shore Animal League, to create a fun one! Adopting a cat is supposed to be a joy, so I felt like it was time to put a much-deserved positive spin on it. Share this video, and help us change the pet adoption game! Video by Mylo the Cat aka Adam Schleichkorn aka the Muppets Mashup guy.

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I couldn’t be happier to help this great cause, especially after seeing how amazing all of their staff is. Huge thanks to the people at North Shore Animal League, Kathleen Lynn, Joanne Yohannan, Sylvia Ottaka, Bariann Browne, and special thanks to Dorit Shevach-Shani and Allison Andersen, for their help with the filming! I also must thank Beth Stern for her great work, and for putting me in contact with North Shore, as well as her husband, Howard Stern, for entertaining me on a daily basis for the last 15 years!

Song titled “I’m Just a Cat and I’m Doing Cat Stuff”:
Written by: Peter T. and Adam Schleichkorn (Mylo the Cat), Vocals performed by Dan Taft.

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*If you’re not in the area, don’t worry… Just go right to our website, type in your zip code, and it will direct you to the closest shelter partner in your area!


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