Cat with many playful kittens is simply tired of his duties as a father

Every person understands that being a parent is hard enough. As well as it doesn’t matter that you are, a person or a cat.

The prominent Maine Coon named Joker comprehends flawlessly well just how it is to raise your own tomboys. Lately, he finally had four charming kitties.

The other day, the Maine Coon father entertained his fans a lot. His proprietor posted a picture where he is right under the various video camera flashes.

Many in the Joker recognized themselves as well as pitied the feline. Actually, aware, he really looks extremely tired.

The famous Maine Coon used to amaze the public too. Followers fear of his proportion.

The owner of the cat said that it is rather tough to maintain such an animal, due to the fact that Joker likes to eat a big meal, so she needs to cook really frequently. Users often state that the feline’s face has a really human-like expression.

He always considers those around him lazily and also condescendingly sufficient, which numerous are touched by.

The Maine Coon papa loves his own kittycats. He licks them well, has fun with them, as well as additionally takes them to oversleep their unique basket. After a difficult day, Joker can finally relax on his sofa.

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