Cat Saved After Spending 7 Hours Trapped Inside Underground Pipe!

It was practically lights out for Thomas Jefferson.

The orange tabby, that shares the name of the American founding father, is currently the good news is back on solid ground after he ended up being trapped within a below ground storm pipe Tuesday of what authorities believe was about seven hours, fire authorities mentioned.

” He looked unpleasant and damp however he’s all right,” Brian Haas, a Public Details Police officer for Nashville’s Fire Department, described to The Huffington Blog post.

Haas described that a next-door neighbor initially heard a cat meowing around 6 a.m., but “really did not assume much concerning it.”

It had not been until the very early afternoon, when the neighbor listened to the pet cat’s frenzied meows once more, that he called for help.

Haas mentioned individuals believe Thomas Jefferson was climbing up along the home’s third-story gutter and that’s when he dove off the side as well as into the pipeline.

” It holes up to an underground drain pipe as well as the end of the pipe had obtained smashed so he could not get out,” Haas kept in mind of the underground tube.

Pictures which were taken at the scene recorded the fortunate feline being reunited with his human, that the fire department determined as Watkins University President, Joseph “J.” Kline.

The first thing Kline said to his pet cat: “What were you believing?”

We would love to understand the answer to that, as well!

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