Cat Rescued From Dumpster Fire Adopted By The Vet Who Treated Her Burns

Rescuers were able to save a 4-week-old small kitten from a burned dumpster in Las Vegas. The poor kitten was burned but alive when Clark County Animal Protection Services found her on the 3rd of May, writes thepetneeds

The kitten, who was named Savannah, was directly taken to the Animal Foundation, that has many volunteers and vets, who did what they could to treat her wounds and injuries.

Kelsey Pizzi the Communications Director of Animal Foundation, said that the kitten’s paws were burned, and her whiskers and fur were singed. So, they wrapped her paws with bandages to help her get better.

The kitten, who was also given pain medication, was put in an incubator to stay warm. Kelsey said that they asked for a fosterer after 30 mins from the kitten’s arrival at the shelter. Thankfully, the kitten was fostered in just an hour by a vet called Alex Reyes!

The great thing was that the vet treated Savannah’s burns in short time, and then decided to adopt her for good! She is now having a great life with Reyes! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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