Cat Brothers Love Dest.roying Their Dad’s Apartment

Max has a mis.chiev.ous cat named Shrimp. He loves to destroy everything in his dad’s house. When Max saw Shrimp’s behavior getting more intense, he tried to find the reason and thought that the cat was bored.

One of his friends advised him to get another cat who would help calm him down. He reached out to another friend and got a text from her with a photo of a kitten named Coconut.

The two cats matched instantly. They love each other. Shrimp even taught Coconut naughty actions. Coconut has grown up and has picked up on some of the best characteristics of Shrimp. They’ve just kind of taught each other to be like love bugs and super cuddly.

But no matter how mischievous they are, Max still loves them so much.

“They have honestly given me a reason for waking up. They’ve increased my life tenfold. I just love them so much! I hope that everyone has the opportunity of summoning a fur-demon from another realm,” Max said.

Watch their video here:

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