Captured By A Soulless Man Who Cut Off His Leg Scared Dog Begs To Be Saved

Jordan is not just any ordinary dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch

In his short life, this dog has seen both the best and the worst sides of humanity. His misery began when he was captured by a resentful homeless man. The man vented out on the dog by strangling him and chopping off his leg. He then tossed the dog 30 feet down into a river in South Los Angeles.

For 2 days, Jordan held on to an empty chips bag in the river and tried his best to stay afloat. By the time he was found, he was severely dehydrated while his mutilated leg had festered. The rescuers climbed down the embankment to rescue Jordan, but the dog was barely alive.

Jordan was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition, where the vets were quick to establish that the dog’s survival was unlikely. He needed a surgery and blood transfusions to deal with the infection from his severed leg, but he was too weak to be operated on.

The rescuers didn’t want Jordan to give in to his abusive injuries. They showered the dog with love and begged him to hold on. It was a complete miracle when the dog was ready for surgery within 4 days!

The leg surgery was a success, but Jordan still had to deal with mange and bacterial infections. In the meantime, he was moved to his foster home where his foster mom and doggie siblings constantly motivated him to keep fighting. With continuous physical therapy and emotional support, Jordan recovered fully and blossomed into a beautiful and spirited dog!

His missing leg never stops him from swimming and running, and he genuinely enjoys spreading smiles in his household. Jordan is one brave and resilient dog who didn’t let the dark shadow of his abuser touch his pure soul! His remarkable story of hope and inspiration has touched the deepest corners of our hearts!


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