Breeder Couldn’t Profit From Tiny Albino Puppy So He Left Him On The Ground

A woman heard strange crying coming from her neighbor’s yard. She had no idea what was going on, writes ilovemydogsomuch

She walked over and knocked on his door. The man was in total disbelief. His dog was out in the backyard going to the bathroom when she found a litter of puppies that were less than 24-hours old.

The woman, named Clanay, offered to take the tiny puppies. She made some calls and found out that the puppies were dumped by a backyard breeder. His dog had given birth and all the puppies were very sick. Since he couldn’t profit off of them, he dumped them and took off. Clanay offered to foster the sick puppies and the authorities that dealt with the breeder agreed.

Clanay says, in the video below, that the puppies were so tiny that they resembled hamsters more than they did dogs. When she laid eyes on one pup, she named Lucky, she was so sure he wouldn’t make it. He was smaller and weaker than the rest of his siblings.

Sadly, as each puppy passed away, Clanay had made peace with the fact that Lucky wouldn’t survive too. She wasn’t going to give up on him but she had to prepare herself. She was already forming a bond with the tiny guy. His spirit was so incredibly strong despite his health and size. She decided she would bring him home from the vet clinic and care for him around the clock.

What amazed Clanay the most was that Lucky was determined to eat even though he had so many challenges doing so. This convinced Clanay that Lucky wanted to live. She switched between bottle and syringe feeding to get as many nutrients into the little one as possible. And it worked! Miraculously, a week went by, and then two weeks, and Lucky was still ALIVE!

Clanay and her family celebrated the moment Lucky opened his eyes for the first time. She knew then it was very likely that this puppy would pull through. Her goal was to get him to 8 weeks old, and then she could settle down a bit. But, despite how well Lucky was doing, there were many obstacles along the way. Especially when Clanay found out that Lucky was blind.

One of Lucky’s eyes was so bad that the vet suggested for it to be surgically removed once he was a bit older. Lucky continued to grow and flourish. He was so playful and so sweet. Even though he was blind, he made sure he lived his life to the fullest.

At four months old, Clanay brought Lucky in to have his eye removed. The little dog did so well during surgery and healed up so nicely. Clanay was able to bring Lucky home in a few days. The vet, however, encouraged Clanay to look into seeing a specialist for Lucky. She asked why and he said to her, “Lucky is also albino.”

Clanay was floored, especially when she learned about more challenges Lucky would face with this diagnosis. Lucky would never lead a “normal” life but that didn’t mean anything to Clanay. She was determined to give him the best life possible. The specialist had a long list of things she had to do in order to keep Lucky safe and healthy. It was overwhelming, to say the least.

Lucky is one lucky dog. Clanay became his official mom and took on Lucky’s health challenges with such grace (as did Lucky!) To learn more about the amazing dog and his incredible mom, watch the video below. It is worth every minute of it! We are so grateful to Clanay. Thank you for saving Lucky’s life!


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