Blue Eyed Pup Depleted Of Life Had No Energy Left To Sit Up Or Move

When rescuers heard about a puppy nearby that was too weak to move, they responded as quickly as they could, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Just like human babies, puppies need comfort, a steady diet, and adequate shelter. This poor baby ended up on the streets and had no one to care for him. He was alone and totally shut down.

The puppy just lied there on the ground. He was breathing but otherwise there was little signs of life. He didn’t even have the energy to lift his head up. His new human friends promised they would do all they could to help the precious pup.

They put him into their vehicle and still, he had no energy to move. His beautiful soulful eyes looked at the rescuers as if he understood they were going to help him. He just had no more energy left to fight for his life. It was time for the rescuers to fight for him.

Once the puppy was safely in their care, they headed to the medical clinic. He refused to eat and was still too weak to move. The vet decided he needed a full workup but first he desperately needed intravenous therapy. With some fluids now on board, it was time to check him for parasites and any other issues. The puppy was severely malnourished which lead to anemia. This was why he was so weak.

One of the rescuers stayed with the puppy. He was still to weak to sit up so she fed him by syringe every hour. At first, he wasn’t really a fan but with some kind words and gentle petting, he began to eat. The little puppy needed every calorie he could get!

With a steady diet through syringe feeding, nutrient supplements, and iron infusions, the puppy got so much stronger! Soon he was sitting up all on his own! The vet and his staff were elated. The puppy’s soulful blue eyes look so much healthier now. He has the energy to fight to survive and the vet expects he will make a full recovery.

The brave little pup is still at the medical center but he’s making tremendous progress. He’s even eating all on his own! We are so happy for each little victory. Thank you to the rescuers and the vet staff for saving this puppy’s life. Let’s send our warm wishes and prayers his way! To see the pup’s story, check it out below.


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