Blind Scared Pit Bull Abandoned In Woods Is So Sad Now & Wants a Forever Family

Animal rescuers with Lucky Dog Refuge found an abused and abandoned Pit Bull curled up in a ball on the verge of dying, writes dogheirs

The emaciated Pit Bull had been left in the woods and was in such poor health and spirit that they could tell she was ready to give up on life.

Rescuer Stacey lead her back to the car with food and called her Halo. Halo was so disoriented because couldn’t understand that people were being nice to her. Lucky Dog Refuge took her to a veterinarian where she was put on antibiotics and a nutritional program. They determined she was fully blind. She went home with Stacey for foster care and although there were some touch and go moments, Halo proved she’s a fighter and she pulled through.

Although they weren’t sure if she was going to pull through back in September of 2020 when she was rescued, by January Halo was healthy enough to go to Lucky Dog Refuge’s main shelter in Stamford, Connecticut to begin her search for a forever family. She is very smart, learns quickly, and is a happy-to-be-loved “hippo”. She also loves ice cream! Her rescuers call her a real “angel.” They are looking for a mellow home for her, preferably with a yard.

If you would like to adopt Halo, or you would like to help Lucky Dog Refuge out, reach out to them on Facebook.


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