Blind Puppy Struggling To Live, Feels Their Warmth & His Heart Beats Stronger

In foreign countries, the stray animal epidemic is out of control. Homeless dogs continue to reproduce without a spay/neuter program in place. The consequences are real; tiny living creatures struggle to survive without ample food or proper medical care, writes ilovemydogsomuch

In this instance, these two tiny pups were struggling to survive while covered in thousands of fleas. One puppy was blind and so frail.

When rescuers arrived and picked him up, his heart quickened as if life was flowing back into his body. The rescuer’s body heat assured him that he was no longer alone.

The pups were taken to the medical center for urgent care. The vet and his staff worked on the puppies to rid them of fleas. They were then given IV fluids to help with dehydration and malnourishment. They were also anemic from the flea infestation.

Both puppies improved dramatically after treatment. But still, one puppy could not see. The rescuers will look for a special home for this puppy with a supportive human. Dogs with special needs can truly thrive in the right environment!

We are so happy both puppies are safe and being cared for. Let’s send prayers to all the animals who need a helping hand.


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