Blind Dog Hangs His Head In Shame After Being Dumped In A Junkyard By His Owner

Bo is a 2-year-old Azores Cattle Dog who was abandoned by his owner in a deserted industrial junkyard. The traumatic experience caused poor Bo to go into shock, and he shut himself away mentally, writes ilovemydogsomuch

For the next 7 months, he scavenged for food in the bins of a nearby carwash and slept on a bed of debris and shredded metal bits at the junkyard.

Eventually, some visitors at the car wash spotted Bo and informed the tight-knit local dog rescuers’ community. A team of rescuers immediately worked out a plan to reach out to the skittish dog. However, Bo did everything in his power to stay away from humans.

The rescuers began leaving their belongings at the junkyard to make Bo familiar with their scent. They were worried as the skinny dog was visibly starving and eating inorganic trash to quell his hunger. Another major issue was the consistently dropping temperatures, and that was making survival harder for Bo.

After taking turns during night shifts, the rescuers eventually managed to trap Bo in a cage and whisk him away to a warm shelter. But their hearts were shattered when they learned that the discarded dog was almost completely blind.

Bo’s broken spirit was gradually revived as he received the love and care that he had been craving for all this time. One of the vet staff who tended to him fell in love with his gentle and well-mannered ways, and ended up adopting him! Bo is a cherished and pampered dog now, and his favorite thing in the world is his soft, cozy (also, metal-free) bed!


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