Beaten Pregnant Mama Dog Begs Strangers For Help But They Threw Rocks At Her

Grace is one of the millions of forgotten dogs who go unnoticed and uncared for until something tragic happens, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Grace is a horribly neglected and beaten dog from Houston, Texas who was so very abused and tortured that she succumbed to a life of misery. People saw her at a gas station, all by herself with her belly hanging down. Her belly hung low because she was pregnant and about to have babies.

Instead of stepping up to help poor Grace, people threw things at her and told her to go away. Whenever a vehicle would pull into the gas station where Grace hid from the world, she limped over as if begging for help. Over and over, people ignored her and “shooed” her to go away. It was only a matter of time before Grace would die.

Finally, someone pulled into the gas station, saw Grace, snapped a photo and sent it to Good Lif3 Bully Rescue. Thankfully, a foster person stepped up to help and Grace is no longer homeless and abused. According to a recent Facebook post from the group, “She was rushed to the vet, only to discover, she has babies that most likely may not make it. She has broken bones that healed broken and will need a specialist. She is full of worms, parasites, covered with fleas, malnourished, anemic, her mammy gland is swollen.”

Grace was admitted to the hospital where she lost all of her puppies. The rescue group knows her spirit is broken, as Grace has no idea what happened or where her babies are. “This is what defeat looks like,” Good Lif3 Bully Rescue wrote.

I Love My Dog reminds our readers to get in touch with local animal control or a local rescue if you can no longer care for your pets. It is never a viable option to abandon or dump an innocent animal, as the outcome will likely be harm, abuse, death, or all three.


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