Battered And Abandoned Bait Dogs Saved From A Life Of Hardship And Neglect

Sometimes dogs have an unfortunate fate that breaks the heart of everyone, writes pintiks

There are so many stories that are constantly circulating about dogs being neglected, abandoned, and mistreated by their owners. What’s worse is if they’ve been injured and abandoned after taking part in dogfighting, something so harmful to the animals. Two dogs, Sweet Pea and Dizzy, experienced a similar situation but were rescued in the nick of time.

Last week, a Philadelphian woman, Tara Whitaker, looked outside her window to see both Sweet Pea and Dizzy lingering on her porch—they had clear signs of trauma and she says they were, quite evidently, “bait dogs”. “These dogs were on my patio this morning when I was leaving for work… they were badly beaten and used as bait… bleeding. Broken bones [and] malnourished,” she said. “Makes me sick to look at these poor animals.

But she saw them right in time and helped the dogs get the medical attention they needed to recover. But before animal services could come pick them up, Tara said she spent 3 hours looking after the pups in need. She fed them and gave them water to drink, and they were clearly thirsty/hungry.

They were later taken in by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and are now under proper surveillance and medical assistance to repair all the damage that’s been done to their bodies as well as their mental state. When they were rescued, they were full of fear because of their background as bait dogs, so the center has to work extra hard to heal both their physical and mental wounds.

Sweet Pea and Dizzy’s incident is something that sheds light on a recurring problem around the world. Dog fights harm canines in ways that humans can’t imagine and something that needs to be put to an end immediately. People around the world can work together to ensure that stories like this of the pups that Tara found on her porch, don’t repeat themselves.

We’re glad that Tara and the rescuers jumped in to help these lovable dogs (who are on their road to recovery), and hope that they find the forever home they deserve.

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