Ashamed Injured Stray Won’t Lift His Head

Construction workers found an injured dog in a building and were blown away by his condition, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They had no idea what to do. The dog was so afraid that he cowered in the corner. His pain must have been unimaginable. Thankfully they knew about Animal Aid, an amazing rescue organization that helps strays all across the country. One of the men called them up.

When the rescuers arrived, it was obvious that the dog felt anxious. His leg was badly wounded. As one rescuer approached, he definitely showed signs of fear but there was no time to waste! His injury was serious and he needed medical attention immediately. His skin had been ripped away from his entire lower leg. What happened to this poor baby?

The rescuer lifted him up and carried him out of the building. They decided to name the dog Jason. Once back at the center, they put Jason on the exam table. His backed arched which indicated pain and fear. The medical team spoke calmly to Jason and gave him lots of love to soothe him. They then injected pain medication so he no longer had to suffer.

Next, it was time to clean Jason’s wound. They had to make sure they got as much dead tissue and debris out. They irrigated it and then put antibiotic ointment on it before applying a bandage. As they wrapped the bandage around Jason’s leg, he finally untucked his tail and wagged it. This was an excellent sign! His fear was melting away!

After treatment, it was time for Jason to have a good meal. He was starving! His appetite was another good sign. He devoured his food as one volunteer kept him company. After eating and drinking, it was time for Jason to rest. Good food and lots of rest would help Jason heal faster.

Animal Aid took excellent care of Jason. They changed his bandages daily and fed him wholesome meals. Each day, his health improved and his leg began to heal nicely. His soul began to heal too. The once withdrawn, fearful dog was really showing progress.

Four weeks after his rescue, the veterinarian approved Jason for light exercise. He was elated to be able to go out in the yard with his new human friends. He even walked on a leash! Jason’s tail wags were just so darn adorable. He was so happy and comfortable!

Animal Aid says the most incredible thing in their rescue video (which you can view below)… they say, “Saving this boy was so important because without Jason the world would be a little less beautiful.” Yes, we have all the good feels too! You can’t miss this magical story and you have to see how far along Jason has come! We are so grateful for Jason’s rescue and excellent care. Thank you, Animal Aid!


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