An unsheltered dog refuses to leave his friend dog who was unfortunately lying dead in the rain

As he sat helplessly beside his friend puppy, the dog kept crying and refusing to leave, writes zenoonee

The dog in this story is so devoted to his dying friend that he will die for him. Dogs are considered to be the closest friends of humans.

The scene of the two puppies was noticed by a man who was passing by the road. This heart touching story occured in China.

A man named Mr. Xiong was the man who rescued one of the dogs.Unluckily one of the dogs died and was lying on the ground in the rain.

The other dog rejected to go with that man he was so devoted to his pal. The man covered the dog with an apron in order the puppy did not freeze.

It was very difficult to seperate the dog from dying friend. The man took the dog home fed him properly and looked after him.

We hope that the dog will soon be adopted by a wonderful family. The man posted the video and photos on social media in the hope that someone would adopt the puppy.


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