Aggressive Dog Left At Landfill Transforms Into A Gentle Giant After Learning To Trust

When an aggressive stray dog became a nuisance to the locals of the town, someone took it upon themselves to dump the dog near a landfill outside the town. It’s a sad situation and the poor dog ended up living there all alone, using an old, broken chair as a bed, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

Without proper care, the dog, later named Rocky, was exposed to the elements and could fall victim to various ailments like malnutrition, dehydration, worms, ticks, and other diseases. Thankfully, someone notified Takis Shelter about Rocky, and a rescuer drove out to the landfill to investigate.

Though Rocky had a hard life and things weren’t looking great for him, his luck was about to change.

When the rescuer arrived at the landfill, they were careful to observe Rocky and give him plenty of space. Despite his less-than-ideal living conditions, he was hesitant to accept help and didn’t want anything to do with humans.

When a rescuer approached the dog, he curled his lips in a snarl and eventually lashed out and snapped. It was clear that he didn’t want a leash on and wasn’t ready to accept help!

Wanting to respect the dog and earn his trust, one rescuer returned to the landfill every day to check on the dog and offer him food, water, and medicine for worms, fleas, and ticks. It took weeks, but the ferocious dog slowly started to warm up to the kind man who brought food.

Eventually, Rocky learned to trust the man completely and accepted plenty of pets and love! It wasn’t long before Rocky was willing to go with the rescuer and completely fell in love with humans! Just like that, with a little patience and a lot of love, the town’s vicious stray turned into a gentle giant.

Rocky is now with Takis Shelter and awaiting his forever home. It seems he’s good with kids, pets, and people. Despite his rough past, he’s ready to move on and start his new life, without looking back.

Watch the video below:


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