After His Owners Moved Away And Left Him, Dog Stayed By His House For 2 Months

Hope For Paws received word that a dog had been left behind by his owners when they moved away, and he’d been out on the streets for two months alone to fend for himself, writes ilovemydogsomuch

An organization called Friends of Animals offered to take him in as a foster, but someone would have to capture him first.

Eldad arrived to find Dustin asleep in the backyard, but as he approached it woke the dog and he ran off. So Eldad set a crate as a trap, but the dog was too smart and wouldn’t allow himself to be caught; He kept his two hind legs outside of the crate at all times. And again, he ran off at the sight of his rescuer.

Eldad now had to follow the dog around the neighborhood for two hours until Dustin finally entered a backyard where he saw gardeners working. He knew he could find water there. This is where the rescuer would finally be able to tether the homeless dog.

Dustin knocked the camera out of Eldad’s hands, and it’d take some time to calm the dog and earn his trust. But Dustin was on his way to a much better life, and he was about to learn all of the ins and outs about it!


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