After Having 6 Pounds Of Mats Removed, A Neglected Dog Transforms To Another Dog

Officers in San Antonio, Texas, were taken aback when they arrived at a complaint of an animal battling in the middle of the road, writes heavenofanimals

The thing seemed to be a dog, but it was so matted and neglected that no one could tell what gender it was.

Officers rushed the dog back to San Antonio Animal Care Services, where a medical team was immediately sent.

Cynthia Martinez, chief operations officer at San Antonio Animal Care Services, told The Dodo, “He had to be anesthetized for the mats to be securely removed.” “The clinic personnel finished removing the mattresses and reported removing 6 pounds of matting.”

A male cocker spaniel was hidden behind all that matted and filthy hair. In September, the shelter shared the story of the approximately 8-year-old dog on social media. When a local rescue organization learned of his plight, they rushed to his aid.

“We had to have this puppy,” Rebecca Payne of Austin and San Antonio Cocker Spaniel Rescue told The Dodo. “That’s the ugliest puppy I’ve ever seen.” We wanted to ensure that he had a pleasant life.”

To get him, Payne drove immediately over to the shelter. “I was taken aback. “He was so little,” she said. “He was so underweight that practically every bone in his body could be seen.” He couldn’t open his lips to chew because the matting were so terrible.”

He was given the name Hamish by the rescue and taken immediately to the veterinarian’s office. According to Payne, the vet believes Hamish spent years coated in mats, which harmed his health. His claws were overgrown, he was underweight, and he didn’t eat, thus his teeth were in bad shape.

He spent the following two weeks at the animal hospital getting treatment and having dental surgery. Payne stated, “Every dog has roughly 42 teeth.” “Hamish had to delete so many that he’s down to 11 out of 42.”

Hamish is now out of the vet’s office and being fostered by Payne. Mats are no longer a constraint in his life. He’s gaining weight and eating.

Hamish is still so frail that he needs to wear sweaters to be warm, but he’s getting stronger every day. He even developed feelings for another puppy that Payne is fostering.

He’s loving seeing the world without the matted fur obstructing his vision.

Hamish is also having a great time exploring his foster mother’s home, which includes an inflatable mattress.

After everything he’s gone through, the volunteers at the rescue are overjoyed to see Hamish respond so well to affection. When they originally rescued him, they had no idea what to anticipate.

“He gets a poor rap because of his appearance,” Payne remarked. “He appears to be a grouchy old man, yet he’s the most kind, lovely person I’ve ever met.”

The rescue crew expressed their joy that he was able to leave the dreadful position he was in. He’s grown into a fantastic dog. “He gets his tail running when he sees other dogs,” Payne added. “He’s one of the friendliest dogs we’ve ever had, despite everything he’s been through.” He’s just overjoyed.”

Hamish will soon be up for adoption in Texas.


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