Adopting an Aggressive Cat Abandoned by Owner Twice (aka the “bad cat”)

Adopting an Aggressive Cat Abandoned by Owner Twice (aka the “bad cat”)
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Meet my 8th Cat DingDing. She isn’t physically hurt (just emotionally)… She was an “aggressive cat” in cage (rather cages) at the back of a shop… Poor this kitty this will be her third home!! To rehome a cat that’s aggressive towards humans is quite hard, as most folks want a cuddly cute cat when they adopt, as opposed to adopting an “aggressive cat” that is rather harder to handle. In her case in her 4 years of life, when was never petted or held by a human (but she gets along okay with other cats). The owner I got her from was already her second owner, and she even warned me that rehoming cat like this can be a huge challenge… But my “kitty hello” (offering a finger for her to smell me) seems to be ok at first, so I’m hopeful~

But then after further investigation, it turned out she didn’t attack the groomer who bathed her as she had a flea situation, which leads me to think that something more was going on…. And you’ll see why in the video… BTW I didn’t take her to the groomer, she used to reside side. I think she was shaved by the previous owner as she has skin problems and fleas, I believe that’s why they did that.

So here I am going on an aggressive cat adoption mission, see my 8th cat coming home for the first time and joining my 7 cats slowly… yay another abandoned cat adopted!! Whee~

[Part 2: | Part 3: | Part 3.5]

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