Adopting a Cat with FIV | Cat Adoption Vlog & Cat Introduction

Adopting a Cat with FIV | Cat Adoption Vlog & Cat Introduction
Today’s video is a cat adoption vlog! We adopted a new cat a few days ago and I decided to vlog this time because I love being able to look back at these moments. My new cat is black, female and she’s 2 years old. She is FIV positive (has the feline immunodeficiency virus) – I did lots of research and spoke to the people at the shelter and both showed that there’s minimal risk for my current cat. FIV is only spread through deep bites which are not typical for neutered cats living together in home environments. FIV is not spread through casual contact and sharing bowls, litter boxes, and, toys and neither through grooming. We’re taking things really slowly in terms of introducing them to make sure they become friends.

Hope you enjoyed the video!
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